I am an architect, but I do not build. I am interested in spaces, atmospheres, and histories. Excited about what happens within a drawing. As a painter, I immerse myself in colors, lines, and surfaces. As an artistic researcher, I investigate traumatized landscapes and artistically unveil the planetary unconscious. As a writer, I speculate on a feminine and art-based relationship between humans and nature. As a professor of aesthetic education, students and I think about artistic production, representation, and curation. As a philosopher, I am strongly inclined toward post-structuralism and feminist theory. As a psychotherapist-in-training (person-centered therapy), I listen to and walk with people. As an organist, I feel close to Olivier Messiaen, improvisation, and 21st-century organ literature. As a human , I am grateful to live in this world.

I am based in Graz, Austria.

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