A Thing Called Nature
2019 - ongoing

Investigative “extraction” of a core question of Gerhard Liska’s response to the artistic material presented by Paola Livorsi within PSi #25 in Calgary, Canada. This is part of the project “Performance, Response, Extraction – Elasticity of Artistic Research. A project of the Artistic Research Working Group of PSi (2019).”

“A Thing Called Nature” is an ongoing painting series that investigates nature as performative agency, decolonized medium, and carrier of anthropocenic ecocide. With/In the paintings, the meaning of appropriation is renegotiated, and the unconscious strata of ecological trauma become opened and invoked. In reference to Jan Verwoert, the question arises as to whether dead material is really dead and if its ghosts might not also be of interest to the living. Which methodologies and practices do we have to apply in facing the sixth mass extinction to connect with our non-ego(s) and the planetary subreal strings, to establish a humane praxis of wit(h)nessing (Bracha Ettinger), and to unfold a (post-)anthropocenic, feminine-based paradigm of non-reductionist love?

A Thing Called Nature
2019 – ongoing
Biosphere on canvas
each ca. 200 x 150 cm

Gerade diese alltäglichen Dinge
2016 - ongoing